Millions suffer from Dry Eye Disease, and yet the vast majority are not receiving the care they need. If you find yourself rubbing your eyes, having blurry vision, constantly wiping your eyes, you may very well have Dry Eye. The first step toward relief from the symptoms of Dry Eye Disease is having your tears analyzed by Le Mars, Iowa’s only Accredited Dry Eye Center: Groetken Family Eye Care.

Here at Groetken Family Eye Care we use TearLab®; the most advanced technology available to diagnose and manage this irritating condition. Click the TearLab Information button below for more information and interactive videos on Dry Eye Disease. Do you have Dry Eye? Fill out the questioner and bring it with you to your next exam, we would be happy to address your concerns. 

Dr. Groetken takes Dry Eye Disease seriously and will hear all your concerns to the fullest. Her treatment plans are catered to each individual and can include artificial tears, dry eye masks, punctal plugs, vitamins among other options that you and Dr. Groetken decide together to best fit your needs. 

For any other information on this new technology or to schedule a Dry Eye Evaluation appointment, Please call us at