From Doc Groetken

The day was busy and similar to the others, Kara and I were the Wonder Twins in the refraction station. The amount of patients we see continues to grow and it is a challenge to see them all.  We will get some updated numbers for the next day. 

The food has been interesting, today was awesome. We had shrimp for supper and oven baked potatoes. It’s family table style each night. Even though I and a few of the team have adopted the “eat only what Greg eats” philosophy, Several of us have upset stomachs (that is a nice way to say it).

Waiting in line

Waiting in line


We always enjoy a little white “magic”pill (Imodium ) in the morning to make sure we can make it thru the day. Kara got to experience a bare minimum toilet… It was a raised concrete mound with a hole in it that she had to stand on her tippy toes to reach…one of the girls said the day before was just a room with a bucket. It’s just like camping which makes us feel that eating is not high on the list for us.  Camp toilets as you know are never the fun part of camping. 

See you tomorrow.